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Saturday, May 23, 2009 @ 12:04 AM

Sinabi mo noon ay di mag-iiba
Walang hanggan ang iyong nadarama
Sinabi mong wala itong katapusan
Bakit ngayon ikaw ay nasaan

Sinabi ko baka di tayo magtagal
Damdamin ko'y takot nang sumugal
Sinabi ko sana wala nang magbago
Ngunit ngayon ako'y nilimot mo

Sana sa susunod na titibok
Ang puso ko
Hindi mangyari tong
Nangyari sa pag-ibig mo

Muli ako na aasa
Mananalangin na sana
Di na muling mag-iisa
Sana'y may makasama

i miss and love you. :'[

Thursday, April 16, 2009 @ 4:14 AM

Dear Diary( Lorraine),

I must confess, I really like Dean. He's the smartest and the most intelligent guy I've ever met. I wish I could just eat him whole.

Aryt. I suck. I lick. And I take nude photographs of myself and sell it over the internet. :]]


@ 4:04 AM


I don't suck, I lick. HAHA xD xD
Maybe you do. :]]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 @ 10:52 PM

I wish there could be love stories like those in the movies. Something that would end happily.

I experienced love not once but many times but there is only this one person whom I really loved so much. The bad thing is, our story didn't last as I was expecting it to last. Oh well, nothing really lasts forever. I've moved on, better yet, I've moved forward. The first 2 months were really hard for me, as if I can't eat, I can't smile but as time goes by, I've learned to let go and be happy.

I'm happy now, you're happy now. We've both set each other free.

Puro nalang love, tama na nga yan. :D

Ohhh. Why am I talking about my ex? Is it because we talked last night and I've been thinking of the things we used to do before? UGH.

NOOO. It can't be.

I love someone now and I don't think where I stand.


Okay, so I had a 9 day vacation in Occidental, Mindoro where my granny works as a Governor. It was fun. I love the beaches and the sun. Oh well I'm tanned now. :]]

I'm here in Laguna today because my dad had to rush some things with the US EMBASSY whatever so I wasn't able to bid goodbye to all my relatives there.

Uhm, what else?

School is coming, I miss FEU! I miss MANILA! I miss TIMOG [ esp. ] . HAHAHA !
Why do I always think about parties when I went to Manila to study? haha well it's part of being a college student.


errr. i miss the bitches there. those pedos. those homos. HAHA.
I miss COLLIN!

Errrrrr. YUM SANGWOO was my bestfriend, sorta. WAS. USED TO.

He opened me in such things like parties and alcohol. Bad thing is that I've found new friends and he did too.

We're still friends. I still treasure those Dolce and Gabanna pants and the Dior Shirt he gave me before the end of the sem.


Uhmm. I'm bored.


I don't know why some people seem to forget when they had a taste of fame. I mean, yea, Megan Young was my friend. WAS. but after all of the fame she had, she forgot about me. ERR. We've been friends like since I was 14 and now I'm 17. ARR. PEople do change.

Sorry for being random. I just can't think of anything to say. :]]

Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 10:35 PM

sisturrr. ;))


RUSSEL [d'FACE] - proud member. :P [ friendster.com/dfacegroup ]

BORED. :]]


Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 3:39 AM

The start of the new year has been a blast. Well I dunno what I'm talking about hahaha I just can't seem to think of a cool topic sentence to post.

Errm. I'm enjoying the course my dad picked for me though I planned to shift which I didn't. Okay. My dad's a little mad at me. He knew that I brought friends at where I live in and we drank. The bad thing is, it's not allowed to drink there. Ahahaha. I just knew that my Aunt emailed my dad and told him those stuff.

Err. Let's move on. :)) ahahaha. I got a new haircut which I like.

Hmmmm. I dunno what to say now. OERRRR.

"and the award for the best lie goes to you, for making me believe that you could be faithful to me, let's here your speech oh"..

haha just some lyrics of the song currently playing in the shop. :)

I'm havin a difficult time posting this so just bear with me. I just did this in favor of those people who read my post and frequently asking me when will I post again.

Ugh, I'm tired. I got drunk last night which sucked because I vomitted. Okay, I don't really drink that much so I slept the whole fvkin day.. Hmm.. what else?

Oh yea, I bought a rabbit and her name is GRE'. It's GRE' because she's color gray. She's really cute but kinda dirty at times and I have to clean her cage alwaysss. :D

Hmm. I dunno If I could still reach the cut off grade for the academic scholarship. hahaha. :))
GRRR. I would like to have more allowance and 3 thousand a week is just ain't enough. :((

hmm. thats all i guess. :))

Saturday, January 3, 2009 @ 8:35 PM
Goodbye 2008! Hello 2009! :]

Happy New Year everyone! :)

Another year was finally ended as we welcome the year 2009. Year 2008 was the year that I attended my last Junior and Senior's Prom where I won again as the Mr. Senior '08, it's the year when I graduated high school, entered college, got my braces off, turned 17, and met new friends.

The first pic was me when I won the Mr. Senior '08. The second was me and Kriszel when we won the Mr. and Ms. Junior '07. Hehe. :)

Dad and me in my Graduation. :]

Me wearing FEU school uniform. Yea, it's where I study. :] I think I'll be transferring to DLSU-CSB nxt year. :]

WITH BRACES. HighSchool. :]

Finally, BRACES OFF! :]

Me, Ann, Aj, Jesslyn

FEU-TOMSOC. I'm the tallest here. :]]

ME & Collin. Gay and Wasted. haha.

Me, Ann, Jesslyn, Vincent

Me and Jesslyn at the side.

Spot the tallest. Me again. :((

And now, the whitest. :]]

Me wearing PE uniform.

Me and Jhun @ DECADES

Me with them. Buss. Math Class

OHHYEAAAH! Who remembers Fushigi Yuugi? It has been my favorite anime since elementary! I watched it again in youtube. Full series including the 3 Ovas. :] Fun fun. :)

Indeed, 2008 has been a very great year for me and my friends. I hope that this year, more good things will come my way! :

Til here. Comment please.